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Every Jewel has a Sacred Journey to share that will inspire your Soul and uplift your SpiritYou

Hi, I’m Elena, and I’d like to welcome you to my website.

I create beautiful Jewels that assist you to connect with your Soul. I call them Cosmic Allies as they are part of your Soul essence. With special focus on details, every Cosmic Ally is transformed into a wearable piece of art. Every Jewel is unique… just like you. I encourage you to browse my collection here and find your own Cosmic Ally.

It is one of the most valuable relationships you can ever have in your life. A relationship with your Soul.

Currently in the making

Beautiful and powerful Cosmic Allies during their painting process. From a piece of clay to shaping, detail and finishing touches, each step of the creation brings to life a wearable piece of art, a meaningful and magnificent Cosmic Ally necklace. Every incredible attention to detail is reflected in the stunning final result.

“Show me the star you wish to reach for. I will help you get there,” Artemis tells you. You have the power and the self confidence to live your life to the fullest. Your potentials will flower and flow. Your actions and your thoughts will reflect the beauty of the Universe as you walk on Earth with ease and grace. – Artemis, the Olympian Goddess of your authentic Soul

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Sacred Commissions

It is one of the most valuable relationships you can ever have in your life. It is a relationship with your Soul.

What qualities does your Soul wants to bring into your life?

What vibes do you need right now?

Let me create for you your own personal Cosmic Ally based on your energy and your intentions.

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What Clients Say about my Cosmic Allies

the power of sharing

Beautiful as always thank you!  – Emma, UK

What a great necklace. I love it!  Chung, Hong Kong

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