Your Cosmic Ally – More than a Jewel

Your Cosmic Ally is very personal and sacred to you. Choose how you use it depending on your needs.

You can wear it as a Sacred Jewel.

You can place it on your altar or in your sacred space.

You can hang it on a wall so you can see it from your work desk.

Or simply keep it in its beautiful box and reach for it as you wish.

The jewel is carefully packaged in a beautiful collector’s gift box made from recycled paper. Inside the box you will find the papyrus that explains the purpose and the Cosmic qualities of your Ally, ready to work with you.

What are Cosmic Allies?

Cosmic Allies are parts of your Soul essence. You are a sovereign being and your free will as is sacred. This is why they are standing by patiently until you call upon them to become actively involved in supporting your journey.

There are many reasons why these aspects of your Soul are on standby. At birth you may have chosen that they should hang back until you have made certain experiences and are ready. Due to trauma you may have become separated from them. Or you simply may have forgotten about them.

The key is: Once you remember and request their integration, that part of your Soul essence becomes an active ally on your journey as human and Soul. This remembering may occur without any prompts or through a situation or experience. You may not know what this part of your Soul essence is called or why it left. You may simply feel the calling to reach for it.

Allow yourself to be guided by this calling. Your Soul essence parts always take the shape that is the most useful and resonate the most with you. They always bring gifts to assist you. They rejoice in reconnecting with you. Because they are you!

Every Cosmic Ally you integrate means you embody more of your Soul essence. By embodying all of your Soul you become whole. The more you embody your Soul essence, the more at easy you will feel. Life flows and takes on a distinct sense of beauty and grace – no matter how much noise and chaos may be around you.

The wholeness within transcends everything. Your Cosmic Allies are the bridge to becoming whole.