Cosmic Allies are parts of your Soul essence. They wish to assist you but have to wait patiently wait in the back until you as Sovereign Being call upon them. They are inactive for various reasons: Maybe because they were not brought in at the time of your birth due to fear. Or you may have forgotten about them or separated from them. When you eventually remember them, integrate and focus on them, they become active and join you on your journey. They always take the shape that is most useful for you, that resonates with you. They always bring gifts to assist you on your journey. They enjoy strengthening their connection with you. Every Cosmic Ally you integrate means you embody more of your Soul essence. You become Whole. The more of your Soul essence you embody the more radiant you are in your everyday human reality. Life takes on a beauty and flow, no matter how much noise and chaos may be around you. The Wholeness within transcends everything. Your Cosmic Allies are the bridge to that Wholeness.