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Hi, I’m Elena, welcome!

I write daily quotes and short messages for fellow Soul Travelers who seek the Sacred and the Cosmic. We all have the same destination. We all are part of this magnificent Cosmic Journey.

Light up your day and stay focused on your inner path.

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Cosmic Insights

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Let me introduce myself

I’m a published author, channel, spiritual teacher and artist. For many years I have worked in Greece as one of the top spiritual teachers, empowering others through energy healings and channeling sessions.

Now, as an artist I channel specific energy attunements into every Cosmic Ally necklace I create, for all who want to experience Sacred and Cosmic alignments within.

Whether you are experiencing emotional pain or confusion in your life, or just feel a need for more peace and tranquility – through a deeper connection to yourself, your soul and your spirit guides – My Cosmic Allies will influence your body instantly.

Every jewel contains deep and profound energies with specific traits, so you can choose an exact match to what you are wanting more of in your life.

For those who are ready to become Guardians of a Cosmic Ally, please visit my collection here.

Find my book in English here.

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