From the back cover of the book

“Imagine what it would feel like if you lived on a planet that only offered partial, or no free will at all. You would be living a predetermined existence in an easy and comfortable life where others made all of your decisions for you, and that was just the way you liked it.  But then, all of a sudden, a very powerful bad guy appears on the scene and everything in your, previously routine life, changes?”

What makes this book so exciting, are the changes and unpredictable developments in every chapter. In order for Ezerstenia to receive the energy of free will, (a privilege only extended so far to the people of Earth) the Universe sets up a new Game Board where the energy is quite different. We are witnessing the story of Yose of Starlight, a young man who is constantly called to make choices in his, previously predetermined life, and search for the companion of his soul, the one person in the universe who was meant to be with him.

Have we made contact with this planet yet? Of course we have, since the energy of Ezerstenia has already touched Earth, even though it exists in a different dimension. The marvelous character development, sentimental descriptions and the challenges of the players in this book make the story so familiar to the reader that everyone will relate and find part of themselves in these pages. The plot will cause you to sympathize with the characters and perhaps take, along with them, some fundamental lessons in life that relate to their spiritual challenges. If I had to describe the essence of the story in one phrase, I would choose the following:

Consciousness changes physics

For those who want to enjoy a story full of action, intrigue and adventure, Ezerstenia will reward them richly. For those who feel that the time has come for them to make the first step towards an inner spiritual search but they don’t know how to do it, this book will provide them with many things to think about and give them new perspectives of looking at the physical reality. Finally, those who have already embarked in such a journey, they will discover affirmation and awareness of an increasingly expanded Universe…

I believe that we are having two powers within us: that of the Universe and that of the ego. Our entire life is full of choices about which power we will choose to follow. The book of Ezerstenia talks about these choices through a fascinating story. An endless universe of possibilities is available inside us… as long as we know where and how to look.

Elena Era


  • We already know that there is life elsewhere in the Universe. We know that intuition is more than a soft skill and that thoughts are a powerful way to create your reality. We know that darkness is just the absence of light. The story of Ezerstenia shows all of that in action and more. Upon reading this book I found myself dreaming of other worlds where much that is accepted on Earth is quite different. I salute our family in Ezerstenia with gratitude and appreciation. Thank you Elena for bringing this magical story through.
  • This book has all it takes to become a movie: the plot, the action, the character development, the choices the main-character has to make, the timeframe of multiple generations, and in this case, multiple planets. Wonderful piece of work. Once you start reading block your calendar; you will not be able to stop.
  • Great read. the plot, the context, the possibilities. Just could not put it down and stop thinking about it. Great job.
  • We witness space science pushing further and further out into the cosmos, trying to connect Earth with other planets and to find similar habitats for mankind. What if there’s another way? What if there’s a planet quite similar to Earth, that’s just a thought away? A planet that is very much like our world but where free will is unheard of and where government relies on the insights of an intuitive councilor. A planet whose population is undergoing profound changes and a process of awakening – much like mankind is on Earth – and that is looking to connect with us. Elena Era has created a bridge between our Earth and this other Earth-like world, called Ezerstenia. The story of Ezerstenia and her inhabitants offers much food for thought …in many unexpected ways. Elena’s account is like a bridge between the worlds that allows us to travel to Ezerstenia, simply using our will, imagination and intention – without the need for a space ship. I read this book in one go over 3 days and its magic continues to resonate within me.
  • I enjoyed it from beginning to the end.

Why “Ezerstenia” is no longer available on Amazon

I decided to stop selling my book “Ezerstenia” through Amazon because Amazon takes 70% of the price and the rest  goes to fees and taxes. In other words, selling through Amazon means giving my book away for free. I value my work and want it to be valued by others, so I decided to sell “Ezerstenia” through my own website.

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