How it works:

Once a month I will provide the opportunity for only 3 clients to order their own personal Cosmic Ally.

Every month I will channel and design 3 Sacred Commission pieces. You will receive notification when I open up the new commission spaces (you have to sign up to my newsletter here). You will also receive the direct link to my shop, via email, for the commissioned jewel. Purchase the jewel. These are in very high demand, so I suggest you don’t wait.

If you try to purchase the commission and you cannot, it means that all 3 commissions are sold.

A chance to own your personal and one of a kind Cosmic Ally

This month I channel Titaness Theia for the first 3 clients.

She is an ancient Goddess of Light and Sight who teaches you her gift of seeing and how to walk your path guided by the Light of your Soul.

The Light of your Soul changes you within, which may result in changes in your outer world. Theia prepares you for these changes.

With your Cosmic Ally Theia by your side you are embodied Light in human form and gracefully walk this Earth in balance with the Cosmic Dance.

After you buy your commission (purchase this product)

1. Send me your photo (so I can see your energy if you don’t mind sharing it), along with some details about you. My suggestion is to send me your intentions for the future and what you’d most like to embody more of.

2. I will channel the Cosmic Energy of the Titaness Theia and weave your energy into the piece as well, creating a sacred talisman that will assist you in your custom intentions. Please also note that the choice of crystals and the design of the jewel is done through Cosmic guidance, so I’m asking you to trust the process. You will see your jewel for the first time when she arrives at your home.

3. Please note that your shipment will be sent approximately 10-12 days from the date that I receive your order. You will be notified of shipping by email along with a tracking number.