A chance to own your personal and one of a kind Cosmic Ally

What qualities does your Soul wants to bring into your life?

What vibes do you need right now?

Let me create for you your own personal Cosmic Ally based on your energy and your intentions.

It is one of the most valuable relationships you can ever have in your life. It is a relationship with your Soul.

How it works:

1. Contact me here and let me know if your want your Cosmic Ally to represent something specific, for example – something about the moon, or the Earth, or a favorite Spirit Animal. Maybe you want something about love, healing, strength, angel guidance and protection, etc. Or I can also create the Goddess or Spirit that I feel it is right for you. This way I can channel the Cosmic Energy of the Goddess or Spirit and weave your energy into the piece as well, creating a sacred talisman that will assist you in your custom intentions.

2. Purchase this product

3. Send me your photo (so I can see your energy if you don’t mind sharing it), along with some details about you. My suggestion is to send me your intentions for the future and what you’d most like to embody more of.

4. Please note that your shipment will be sent approximately 2 weeks from the date that I receive your order. You will be notified of shipping by email along with a tracking number.

Let’s create magic together!