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Garnet Crystal Goddess


In stock

Garnet Goddess Jewelry

Garnet Goddess offers you the gifts of love, vitality and prosperity.

Feel how your curiosity, passion and joy for life are reignited. There is so much yet to be experienced and explored. Garnet Goddess teaches you that you have all the vitality and energy you could possibly need to create what you love. With this knowledge comes a state of ease and grace from which prosperity and wellbeing must flow. Creation is a process of weaving and aligning. Love is thread, needle and fabric, all in one.

This is a short excerpt from the Sacred Journey of the Jewel, a guided meditation that comes with every Cosmic Ally to get your collaboration started. You will receive the full text with your purchase.

  • Embedded crystals: deep red Garnet
  • Pendant height: approximately 8,5 cm / 3.34”
  • Polymer Clay Antique hand painted wooden color texture
  • High quality cord with adjustable length

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Garnet Goddess Jewelry Garnet Goddess Jewelry


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