Lady Starlight Goddess


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Lady Starlight teaches you to dream your Sacred Heart Union into being.

She invites you to ask your heart:  Who do you wish to bring to me? How does this relationship feel? See with your inner vision how the crystals in the jewel spin and weave magical threads and pathways. In the Great Void, the call is heard. A sacred union is formed. Hearts come together, no matter how far apart they may be. Infinite unconditional love illuminates the way to the heart of the seeker.

This is a short excerpt from the Sacred Journey of the Jewel, a guided meditation that comes with every Cosmic Ally to get your collaboration started. You will receive the full text with your purchase. 

  • Embedded crystals: blue fire Labradorite and green & black Pearls. Labradorite reveals the full depth of its exquisite beauty and unique colors when you hold it directly into the light.
  • Pendant height: approximately 9,2 cm / 3.62”
  • Polymer Clay Antique hand painted wooden color texture

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