Moonstone Goddess


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With Moonstone Goddess as your Cosmic Ally, you walk through life with grace and ease, in full awareness of the Divine Feminine and Masculine that you embody.

You become aware of the perfect synchronicities in your life and the world around you. There is magical perfection in everything. A well of knowing opens up within you. From this inner well the wisdom of your Soul will continue to rise and nourish you, drawing on the gifts of the Divine Feminine and Masculine as appropriate so you are always in balance.

This is a short excerpt from the Sacred Journey of the Jewel, a guided meditation that comes with every Cosmic Ally to get your collaboration started. You will receive the full text with your purchase. 

  • Embedded crystals: rough & cabochon rainbow Moonstone
  • Pendant height: approximately 9,3 cm / 3.66″
  • Polymer Clay Antique hand painted wooden color texture
  • High quality cord with adjustable length

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Cord color

Beige, Black, Brown

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