Hestia, Olympian Goddess of Healing


As Goddess of home, heart and fire, Hestia teaches you how to tend to the fire in your inner sanctuary and transmute unhelpful thoughts and energies.

Hestia works with you to clear your luminous body and the field around it from all burden accumulated on your journey. Old memories may surface but they just drift by without judgment, like clouds. With each breath you feel lighter and freer. This is a special celebratory moment. You have released the past. You are ready to continue with your journey. There is clarity in your mind, vitality in your body and truth in your heart. With your Cosmic Ally Hestia by your side you walk with a light step upon this beautiful Earth. Your inner fire lights the way.

Your Cosmic Ally – More than a Jewel

Your Cosmic Ally is very personal and sacred to you. Choose how you use it depending on your needs.
  • You can wear it as a Sacred Jewel.
  • You can place it on your altar or in your sacred space.
  • You can hang it on a wall so you can see it from your work desk.
  • Or simply keep it in its beautiful box and reach for it as you wish.

The jewel is carefully packaged in a beautiful collector’s gift box made from recycled paper. Inside the box you will find the papyrus that explains the purpose and the Cosmic qualities of your Ally, ready to work with you.

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What Clients Say about Cosmic Allies

I actually feel better in myself when I wear your jewellery the energy and vibration is just wonderful. I can feel a bit low and it’s an instant vibrational rise putting on one of your pieces. – Emma, UK

Thank you! I love it! Marvelous packaging. Thank you for the positives energies! Kare, France

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