Mirror Tiny Goddess Pendant


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Honor the Divine Feminine and celebrate the sacred connection with your mystical and magical essence of the woman you are.

The wisdom of Tiny Goddess shows you the path of least resistance where change follows upon change without effort and each step is in resonance with the ways of Earth. Set free in this way, you reside in the present moment and the present moment only.

This is a short excerpt from the Sacred Journey of the Jewel, a guided meditation that comes with every Cosmic Ally to get your collaboration started. You will receive the full text with your purchase. 

  • Embedded crystals: lilac Pearls
  • Metal: 999° Silver Antique Brass Plated
  • Pendant height: 7,0 cm / 2.75”
  • Polymer Clay Antique wooden hand painted color texture
  • High quality cord with adjustable length

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Cord color

Beige, Black, Brown

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