Topaz Goddess


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With Topaz Goddess as your Cosmic Ally, you walk your path with clarity and focus, carried by a deep confidence in your Soul’s wisdom.

When you create from a higher state of consciousness, your path changes direction and your life takes on a different quality. There’s a sense of serenity and peacefulness that allows you to walk right through the greatest chaos with a clear sense of where you are going – even if you don’t know the outcome.

This is a short excerpt from the Sacred Journey of the Jewel, a guided meditation that comes with every Cosmic Ally to get your collaboration started. You will receive the full text with your purchase. 

  • Embedded crystals: pink Rhodochrosite, white Pearls and deep red Garnet
  • Pendant height: approximately 9,5 cm / 3.74”
  • Polymer Clay Antique hand painted wooden color texture
  • High quality cord with adjustable length

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