this is what motivated me to create my cosmic allies

We are more alike than you think

We all rise from our ashes. We are all living on a planet in a society that challenges us every day. It is not easy to be human. But we have help available to us. Find out how I got inspired to find mine. I’m making it available to those who want to bring the amazing qualities of their Soul to their everyday lives.

 I desperately wanted to breathe

After years of depression and being trapped in difficult situations in my life, I desperately wanted to breathe. I finally ended up raising my 3 kids as a single parent and restarting my life. I had no job, no money and I was feeling desperate. I felt that people and life rejected me. Back then, the burden on my shoulders was too much to carry.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about… feeling trapped and helpless, rejected and angry, and above all, I felt immense loneliness. This was the worst part. Do you know what it is like to wait for even a spam email in order to feel that someone noticed you? Yep, I was that bad.

That’s when the inner journey began

I wanted a change and I didn’t know how to start. And this is where Cosmic Allies entered my life and finally, I found the courage, one step at a time, to start a job from home and most importantly, to remember the connection with my soul. That’s when the inner journey began.

I believe that Cosmic forces reach us through various forms to help us. Sometimes we are not aware of them and sometimes we are. Sometimes we ask for help and it comes. Sometimes this help takes a little while to reach us because valuable lessons lie in our current experience. But no matter what our current situation is, we need strength to go through what we have to go through.

The Cosmic Allies are not coming from some place above us. They are coming from within.

For all women and men who are feeling just like I used to feel

For that version of Elena back there, and for all women and men who are feeling just like I used to feel, I’m here to tell you that there is hope. For all who want to make a change in their life, or want to help raise the awareness on the planet, I have created the Cosmic Allies Necklaces.

Every Cosmic Ally is a power that we call upon from within, from our Soul. There is nothing in our life that we cannot transcend. Absolutely nothing. Mind clarity, inner peace, calmness, strength, wisdom, abundance, healing… everything is available to you 24/7. Cosmic Allies are the bridge between the power and qualities of your Soul and You.

Change happens because it is time for our soul to move on

You don’t have to be ready for a change. No one is. Change happens because it is time for our soul to move on, and life throws us into all kinds of challenges to push us in the direction we need to go.

Choose your Cosmic Ally by Intention. What changes do you want to bring into your life?

Or choose your Cosmic Ally this way: Choose by heart: browse my Collection, feel your way, and suddenly you will find that a certain necklace draws your attention. You will just feel what is right for you. Your heart will always tell you the truth.

Thank you for being here.


What qualities does your Soul wants to bring into your life?